2020 Schedule of Events

We are moving forward with the 3rd Annual Coastal Clays Event this year.


It all begins with Trapper Training on Saturday August 8th


We first ask all Trappers to re-sign their Trapper Release Form.

We have added a Covid release to our form. You HAVE to complete the form online.

Click on the link below:



Schedule of Events for  Saturday August 8th:


Please wear a Mask or Gaiter whichever you prefer. 

If you have tested positive for Covid in the last two weeks prior to Saturday the 8th please contact us for more instructions

Please bring personal Hand Sanitizer and use frequently

If you exhibit any of the symptoms of Covid ( Fever, Cough., etc.) prior to or on the Day of Training please do not arrive at Mullek Farms

Practice Social Distancing at all times.


730 am to 8 am Arrive at check-in (make sure you have completed and signed newest release form online)

8 am at Mullek Farms for Biscuits and Morning Prayer and Fellowship.

830-845 am  Trapper Training Begins

9ish-Noon Trappers will help set up Trapper course and Shoot Trapper course

Lunchtime- Subway Sandwiches Provided

After Lunch- Wrap up, make sure the course is covered and Coastal Clays items are stowed away for the upcoming event. 

2020 Trappers Registered

2020 Teams Registered

  • Cowles, Murphy & Glover

  • Mullek Farms

  • Kinsey Family

  • Alabama Ag Credit

  • Riveria Utilities

JC Dirmeyer

W. Edmiston

L. Edmiston

S. Edmiston

JD Marlowe

JB Marlowe

H. Dirmeyer

T. Helper

J. Helper

C. Galloway

J. Mills

B. Seibt

B. Bacque

C. Barr

G. Murphy

B. Baumhauer

T. Mullek

S. Murray

B. Mills

J. Mills

A. Mitchell

R. Watson

M. Wilson

J. Watson

H. Repoll

E. Cowles

  Feb 9th - Trapper Training

   8 am to Noon

   Will begin with biscuits and prayer.

   Then safety and training.

   Then help setting up course.


  Feb 16th - 2nd Annual Coastal Clays

   7 am  Trappers Check in at Mullek Farms

   7:15 am Mass with Father Mitch Pacwa

   8 am to 9:30 am Team Check In

   8 am to 4 pm "Yard Games" (3 tickets for $10.00)

Bring Your Shotgun and Shells (please follow all safety rules)
3 YG Tickets for $10.00 (Details for raffle to post soon)

   10 am  Sporting Clay Event Starts

   1:55 pm "Food Blessing"

   2 pm Lunch provided by LA Barbeque**

   3:30 pm Coastal Clays Champion Shoot off

   4:15 pm Social, Drawdown and Awards


Registered Teams

  1. Team Kinsey

  2. Baldwin EMC

  3. Team O'Neill/White

  4. Ladd Supply

  5. Team Brown/ Premier Medical

  6. Team Sweat

  7. Team Greg Mullek

  8. Team Esfeller

  9. Team Phytogen

  10. Helena Chemical

  11. Layco Marine Team 1

  12. Sirmon Farms

  13. Baldwin County Farmers Federation

  14. D & S Crop Insurance

  15. Sunsouth

  16. Campbell Hardware

  17. Team Cooper

  18. Bertolla Farm Supply

  19. Agromax

  20. Layco Marine Team 2

  21. Team Delaney

  22. Charles Bradford Team

  23. Wholesale Solutions

  24. Team John Mullek

  25. your team name here


Coastal Clays


Cowles, Murphy, Glover & Associates

The Neth Family

Summerdale Peanut

Mullek Farms

Eric Lazzari Construction

South Shores Insurance Underwriters

Southern Ag Service, Inc.

Sun Coast Builders, Inc.


Racine Feed

Alabama Ag Credit

Frank Currie Gin

Bayer CropScience

Campbell Hardware

Childress Land & Realty Group

Elberta Co-op

Vantage South

Cunningham/Delaney Construction

Oro Agri


Registered Trappers:

GR Cowles

E Cowles

M Cowles

JB Marlowe

JD Marlowe

G Murray

G Seibt

T Volovecky

S Volovecky

T Helper

H Dirmeyer

JC Dirmeyer

T Mullek

B Cooper

M Glover

M Brown

C Barr

G Murphy

P Murphy

L Edmiston

W Edmiston

B Seibt




M Pierce

C Galloway

T Vincent

P Hand

B Baumhauer

B Bacque

your name here


Due to insurance regulations we cannot allow children under 18 unless the person under 18 is on a participating team in the Coastal Clays Event,

other than our trained trappers,

on the sporting clays course under any circumstances.

2018 @ Coastal Clays