April 1st, 2023
 Schedule of Events
Subject to Change

  • 7 am Check in begins for Teams & Participants

  • 7:30 am Yard Games begin

  • 9:30 am "Blessing by Archbishop"

  • 9:35 am Safety Meeting under the Big Oak Tree

  • 9:45 am Coastal Clays Guides escort Teams to Stations

  • 10:00 am 6th Annual CC Shoot begins

  • 12:15 pm Lunch will be served

    • (or when you complete course)

  • Sometime During Lunch

    • Awards Given & Raffles drawn

      • (in no Particular order)

      • The Coastal Clay Drawdown will Begin

      • Announce Shoot-off participants

      • 3rd CC "Team Flurry" Champion

      • Top Team on Course

      • Course Champion

      • Trapper Champion

      • Yeti Cooler raffle

      • Bayou Classic Cooler raffle

      • Yard Game raffle

  • ​3:00 pm Grand Champion Shoot-off

  • Immediately following the Shoot-off

    • Recognize the 6th Coastal Clay Champion​

We will add More details as we get them for the

5th Annual Event

All Participants/Shooters, Volunteers, Trappers, Helpers, Drivers, Bystanders, etc.

have to sign the release/waiver form.

click the link and e-sign it

if you have not done so already.

5th Annual Coastal Clays Participant, Volunteer Form

Address to Mullek Farms

25360 Baldwin Beach Express, Robertsdale, AL 36567, USA

 2022 Teams 


2022 Trappers 

  • Team Riviera Utilities

  • Team Baldwin County Farmers Federation

  • Team Mac

  • Team Helena

  • Team Gibbs Farm

  • Team Agromax

  • Team Layco Marine 1

  • Team Layco Marine 2

  • Team Petelinski

  • Team Klumb Forest Products

  • Team Phytogen/Corteva

  • Team Campbell Hardware

  • Team Steve Penry

  • Team Elberta Farmers Co-op

  • Team Sunsouth

  • Team Vantage South

  • Team Plant Development Services/Encore Azalea

  • Team MH3 Printing

  • Team High Cotton

  • Team St. Michael Football

  • Team SSIU

  • Team Alabama Ag Credit

  • Team Eddie Youngblood Builders

  • Team GA West

  • Team ABM Education Services

  • Team Mike O'Neill

  • Team Ladd Supply

  • Team Esfeller

  • Team Fibertech

  • Team Bells Phamacy

  • Call for Team Avaiability

D. Pitts

M. Volovecky

R. Ellison

J. Darby

T. Cowles

R. Mullek

T. Kinsey

S. Kinsey

J. Alberstadt

K. Adamski

C. Adamski

B. Neth

G. Cowles

E. Lazzari

W. Williamson
P. Williamson
C. McCullough
L. Edmiston
S. Edmiston
T. Edmiston
R. Watson
B. Cherry
J. Druhan
J. Mitchell
J. Helper
M. Dutton
S. Dutton
E. Helton
J. Marlowe
T. Volovecky
M. Hand
C. Galloway
P. Baas
L. Orfanello
B. Mills
J. Mills
O. Deese
T. Deese
J. Dirmeyer
H. Dirmeyer
P. Zitnik
B. Cooper
M. Guepet
D. Faulkner
C. Immel
D. Boothe
R. Boothe
L. Mayhall
M. Wilson
W. Terrazas
R. Andrews
J. Battaglia Jr.
T. McDaniel
G. Betancourt
B. Zdyb
M. Farrell
C. Patterson
P. Robson
C. Maloney
C. Caron
C. Bowman
S. Bowman
W. Ford
B. Oberkirch
B. Seibt
C. Bell



Due to insurance regulations, no one under 18 is allowed on the course under any circumstances. The only exception to this rule are those under 18 that are registered trappers, volunteers, or those participating on a registered team that have signed the release waiver.