2021 Trapper Class Information

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  • Recommended age of  Young men at least 14 to 18 years old by August 8th, 2020

  • If you have trapped before and are over the age 18 you are welcome to Trap this year

  • You must have a teachable attitude and willingness to work hard.

  • Hunter safety qualifications from Alabama DCNR is highly preferred but not required


What you can expect:

Hard work, sweat, dirt and dust, responsibility, respect, great food, and a terrific Trapper shoot

What you will receive:



2021 Schedule / Training

Saturday March 20, 2021 we will have the following:

8 am Mass

8:45 am Prayer & Biscuits Breakfast

9 am Coastal Spirit w/ Mike O'Neill

9:30 am Traps/Gun/Safety Class with Mr. Landenwich

10:30 Trapper Shoot

For More Information Call:

Gary Cowles 251.751.0442

Jay Brown 251.610.8836

Steve Kinsey 251.213.8301

Tim Mullek 251.424.8143

Gerry Marlowe 251.929.2294

Note to parents:

The success of our event is pivotal on the job that the young men do as trappers.

It is our goal for our trappers to be the very best the shooters have ever worked with.

We will try to teach, challenge, and inspire them to have confidence in themselves

beyond what they think is possible.

We see a bright future for each one and are proud to call them our friend.

We will encourage our Trappers to expand their boundaries and handle the

opportunities and challenges before them.

In that light, we believe they should take responsibility

and drive the entire process of registering for the Trapper program.

We tell all our young men, "don't get Mama to call for you"

and ask that you extend this principle to the Trapper registration process.

We have included some Trapper Training Videos for your viewing.

trapper tee 20212.jpg

Register at this link below to be a Trapper for the 4th Annual Coastal Clays event:

This is the Design on the back of a Comfort Color Tee with a Pocket on the Front. These shirts and hats are for Trappers only

A Trapper Training video from the South Carolina Dept Natural Resources
A Trapper Training Video from the Tampa Bay Sporting Clays
Clay Shooting - Gun Safety Video