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Families, Friends, Fun and Fellowship

"How can we help?" and "What can we do?" were just two questions of many when a group of guys were together talking one day. The needs of different organizations, families, schools and friends were discussed and talked about that day, but the question was also asked "What can we do that hasn't been done in our community to help raise funds?". 


One of our members had heard of a charity-driven clay shoot and wanted to tell us about how it worked and how we could bring it to our community.  Sporting clays are like golf, except with a shotgun.  Unlike the rigid structures of trap and skeet, sporting clays attempts to mimic actual field conditions with a series of natural and unique shooting stations connected along a course trail.  At each station, shooters attempt to shoot clay targets simulating game bird wing shooting, with a couple of bouncing rabbit targets tossed in for variety (it's not as easy as it sounds).  Groups of four tour the course, and at each station, take turns shooting at a set number of target, usually with six or eight per person per station.  Scoring is easy - each target equals one point, the shooter with the most points wins.


Several of our guys traveled to South Carolina to take part in the High Cotton Classic shoot.  They came back and were excited to pass along what they had seen and heard.  They told us about the families, friends, fun and fellowship coming together at a clay shoot to help so many people and organizations in that community. The fellas then got together on a rainy night and hashed out details, where, when, names and equipment needed and then set a date and came up with a name, Coastal Clays. There was a lot of praying and working, and, with God's help, we now have The Seventh Annual Coastal Clays shoot that will take place April 6th, 2024 on Mullek Farms in Baldwin County, Alabama.


Another aspect of this shoot is the trapper program, where we ask boys between the ages of 14 and 18 to act as trappers. We hope to use this event to help guide our young men to become leaders and men of Christ.  This is just one example of where we have modeled this shoot after the High Cotton Classic shoot in Chester, SC.  We would like to thank Mr. Rusty Darby for being so gracious in sharing his knowledge and experiences with us as we begin this journey.


Our short term goal is to have Families & Friends come together in March to have fun and fellowship at the Seventh Annual Coastal Clays Shoot and with the proceeds raised from the event,  we will give back and help people and organizations in the Baldwin County Catholic community.

PASSIONATE PEOPLE caring for the
Baldwin County Community
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